Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Couple Recognized in this Pic

Hi Marty,


I actually recognized a person in the group photo!  The one with the ministers of various churches at a memorial service of some sort. Sitting in the front row, three in from the left is Fred Best

The Best family , Fred, Fanny and Howard lived on Empire just two lots down from Churchill, next to the apartment block.. There was an empty lot between their house and ours in the 50's. Howard worked at McGill University as a lab technician. 

He owned an old grey 1939 Dodge coach, the last made  before the war effort switched all the production to tanks and trucks.  It had a toggle switch( like a light switch) that had to be flipped before the thing would start. 

The gear shift was a rod ((Called a stick), with a knob on the end that stuck out of the floor on the left side of the steering column. Unlike the floor gear shift of today, they had lots of play ( movement) and swung wildly in all directions before you found the gear you were looking for. 

We all took turns driving across the Victoria Bridge as the driver had to pay the 5 cent toll at the booth at the South end of the bridge. Nobody ever worried about how much mileage you got as the highest I ever remember gas costing was .25 cents a gallon.

 $5.00 filled the tank from empty and that seemed to last for ever. You never really drove faster than 30 miles an hour because the brakes were unreliable. When you got up to 50mph or 90 Ks, you felt like you were just on the verge of " out of control".

 Probably why they built the bodies out of heavy sheet metal that could withstand just about any impact. Definitely not pedestrian friendly

 I recognized his wife sitting with the women. She is directly above him in the same picture


 Doug G

Thanks Doug

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