Thursday, November 27, 2008

Early GPK Photos

Hi Marty,


Here are 2 photos of sports teams  between 1927 and 1934. The first is a hockey team on the Old People's Rink on Murray Ave. In the background 3 houses can be seen: L-R: The Boggis house, the Rattray house and ? Bev. Vye should be able to give us the owners. Annie Macdonald thinks the 1st person in the front row is a Burchmore, but which one.


The second is of the Meteors Ladies Softball team in 1933. We've got 4 names so far, Barbara Groves, Cornelius Baxter, Ruth Ellison and Lorna Wallace. Does anyone recognize anyone else?


Thanks to Doug Garret and Normand Simard for uncovering information about the earlier photos Dou spotted the Bests and Normand figured out that the 68 on the house was 68 Empire, which was one time lived in by the Argues and the Holmes families. But before it was altered it belonged to John Forbes who moved back to England. He had a daughter named Muriel who was one of my Aunt Ann DeSerres best friends.




Thanks John R.

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