Sunday, November 16, 2008

Electric Cars and Memories

I believe the gas companies & politics  had a lot  to do with killing  E- cars  !!


"YOU  GUYS " may be too young,,,but,,,


Remember when Montreal had Electric Street Cars,,,,and Electric Busses,,,The ozone?? ,,,the sparks ??


I remember them on Ste. Catherine,,,St Antoine,,St James / Jacques,,,,maybe Notre Dame,,,

 elect. busses on Sherbrooke,,,,also others,,like Queen Mary and Jean Talon,, all running E & W


Also,, on Pie-ix,,Cadillac,,Papineau,,Amherst,,Bleury / Park,,McGill,,University,,, Peel,,Atwater,,,maybe Guy,,,

running N & S,,


I remember something at the time,,,as the cars and rails got older,,,they needed to be upgraded and new ones

purchased,,,,,also about the many wires overhead,,,the poles on the sides looking messy,,,The City wanted

to clean-up ,,,All around the time they started putting telephone and electrical wires underground,,


I heard of  stories later that Shell gave the city free gas for a year,,,and some of the new busses from

Can-Car,,or GM were gifts,,to help them decide to change over to gas / diesel busses,,,

AND,,,,I imagine a few hand-outs were made also !!!


Quebec has an abundance of electrical power,,,more than any other province,,,,but no oil / gas,,,

It sure would make sense to have electric busses on the streets,,,,much cleaner,,,less stinky !!


Speaking of stinky,,,remember Chambly Transport,,some of the old Orange Crates that had smoke and

exhaust coming up through the floor,,,you froze in the winter,,,and almost passed out with the heat and fumes in

 the summer,,,aaaagh the good old days !!!   I can smell it now !!


The Southern Counties Trams were Electric,,,ahead of their time , maybe,,,now today we need them back,,,

The politicians are "now" talking again of more train service on the South Shore and up in Laval !!   So long !! john,,

Thanks John G.

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