Thursday, November 13, 2008

Great Vacation Pics



Doreen and I just returned from a wonderful trip. First we went to Vancouver where we met an old friend Andy Kane. His dad Hank Kane was my hockey coach on the Kings about 1969. Andy showed us the preparations being made for the 2010 Winter Olympics then drove us to Horseshoe Bay where we had a wonderful meal. Back in Vancouver we met his brother Derek and his mother and discussed old times in GPK and particularly around Vivian St. - their old neighbourhood.


After a 17 hour flight we arrived in Sydney Australia, our home for a while because our daughter Kristen was there working. We primarily stayed in the Sydney area, visiting the sites like the Opera house and the Harbour bridge. I included a shot of people climbing to the top of the bridge. We didn't do that because it cost $200 per person.


We flew to Melbourne because Doreen and Kristen had tickets for the play Wicked that were very hard to come by in other cities. On a Melbourne street in front of the Flinders St. Train Station we met two South Shore people - Tom Luger from Watson St. and Matthew Howard who played on the Packers but lived in Brossard.


Then we rented a car and drove the very scenic Great Ocean Road westward toward South Australia. I had learned of this road after seeing Bob Godefroy's photos of it on the blog about two years ago. We drove to the 12 Apostles - 12 rocks that are now only 8 because of the continuous pounding of the sea. In a forest we got to see many koalas in the wild high in some trees.


Back in Sydney we went to Manly and Bondi beaches. There were a lot of surfers in wet suits indicating cold water so I only got my toes wet. Along the shore walk between Bondi and Coogee beaches there was a very interesting contemporary art exhibition with lots of strange sculptures.


In a day or two I'll send photos of our next stop - New Zealand.


Thank John R.



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