Monday, November 03, 2008

HAPPY 65th Ralph B. (Sorry I Missed it)

Hi Marty..............Another "Parker" hits the "Big 65".............Saturday Night a bunch of us ex- Parkers threw a surprise B'day party for our good friend Ralph Bennett - We all got together at a really nice restaurant called McInnis Landing here in London, Ont.
All sixteen of us managed to keep the surprise to the very last so this just added to the enjoyment!!

The group returned to our place for the present openings (mostly joke items) and a Dairy Queen ice cream cake that I managed to get at half price due to old George croaking before pick up!! (At least that's what we told Ralph - and he fell for it!!) We all had a great time which is what is expected when "Parkers" get together!!

I wonder if our bloggers recognize any of those in attendance??


Thanks Win S,

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