Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Legion Names and some more RGHS Memories Guess Who??

Hi Marty, I don't know how Normand does it but he is doing a great  job of digging up old photos in addition to his modern day shots. I recognized a number of people in his old legion pics that have not yet been named and they are George MacDonald, Davie Bowes,Stan Matthews, Al McNevin,Jim Small, Chester Rufh, Hal Kipps, and Jack Hopkins.

 Seeing Hal Kipps reminds me of a small anecdote. Hal was always a very dapper individual, shoes always shined, pants with a crease that could cut your finger etc. Well one day Hal and a fellow legionaire were comparing the shine on their shoes and the wager was a beer. 

The contest was pretty much a draw until Hal took off his loafer and showed that he had even shined the underside arch of the shoe. Hal wins his beer --no contest. And that brings another shoe item,specifically as I  looked at Normand's old picture of the legionaires marching on Remembrance Day the first thing I noticed was the shine on the shoes of those marchers. 


PS attached are some photos for a guess who contest . 

I will send the answers for Friday's blog  

Thanks John McC.

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