Sunday, November 16, 2008

Legion Tombolas

Well Marty does anybody remember the legion's field day or tombolas, I do I lost all the money I made delivering the STAR paper that week in one day.oh boy.The pics are a little small, Pic 1 we see the hoop-la game operated by Bob and Geo. Knight. Pic 2 the dart game operated Mr.Leitch and D. Mennie of Fairfield I think we can see the future old library on Churchill. Pic 3. hot-dogs anyone Mrs.E.Knight, Mrs.Russell Knight and Elmer and Russell Knight. Pic  5 the famous roulette game, operated by Mr.Halliday, B.Olsen, and R.Baverstock  Pic 5 a softball team in 1945 looks a little like a masquerade, look at the guy in front with the Hitler cross.



Thanks Normand

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