Sunday, November 30, 2008

Memories of the Legion Pics

Well, well, didn't I have a chuckle when I saw today's blog.  There was my dad, Richard, in all his splendor at his stag at the GPK Legion.  I think it was one of the first events held there, if not the first.  In the first photo we see Doug Sheppard who later turned out to be my godfather, and his wife, Nancy would be my godmother.  In the second photo, I believe the person sitting to the left of my dad would be my grandfather, Wilf Timm, my dad's futher father-in-law.


Don't really want to comment on the condom my dad is holding up with great glee, as we don't really want to know that our parents "did it".


Thanks for all the photos from Norm Simard and John Riley and to you Marty for taking your time to produce this blog.


I was in GPK over the Nov. 11th week and met Norm and saw John again at the Armitice service at the Town Hall on Sun, Nov. 9th.  I also saw my "Brown Owl", Mrs. Irene Frail, this year's Silver Cross Mother.  As well I saw Lori Fennel on parade with the Girl Guides, she was one of my Rangers when I was a leader.  Also fellow school mate Randy Lockhart, his wife Nancy Ryan and my old friend Andrea Main.


Sure is great to be able to come back to a place, see some old friends and feel "at home".


Cheers and hope everyone has a great Christmas, New Year's and a healthy and happy 2009.




Bev Teague


Thanks Bev.


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