Friday, November 28, 2008

More Information on Churchill Blvd and Murray Ave

Hi Marty,(1) just to add a note to John Riley's article on the buildings on Churchill , John forgot to add that the Rousseau/Savards/Primeau building was also the home of John Holden the Barber before he moved to the building next to Pop's.

(2)I was out driving the other day and noticed that the water in some of the farmer's fields had frozen and it reminded me of the long ago when,before the big town rink was ready, we could go over to The Country Club of Montreal and skate on the mini-rinks that were formed in some of the troughs on the fairways and

(3)  I am not sure of the exact  location of the rink in John Riley's picture but if he thinks that the houses in the background are Boggis etc ,that assumes that those houses  are on the east side of Murray.  if memory serves me that side of Murray coming up from Churchill were Myles,Nelan( Richard and Sylvia) , Boggis, Normandeau(Johnny and Andre), " Broden( Shorty) , James(Len) ,McLean(later Gus Richardson's house) ,K Comber(Ken Donna Garry),  McNicholl (Johnny) JMcC

Thanks John McC.

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