Tuesday, November 11, 2008

News from a Former GPKer

I read the Greenfield Park Blog with great interest. I lived in Greenfield

Park for


thirty years; from, 1942 {to} 1972. First on St. Charles Road, next door to


Fred and Helen Newbury; then we moved onto Fairfield Avenue, just above


Churchill Blvd.. I attended Royal George School and some of my boyhood


friends were, Fergus Murdoch, David { Bud } Wright, Ronnie Rogan,


Stan Shepard , Ron Jones, Mary Ellen Hughes and Marilyn Gallaway.


As a young boy, I remember going to;


Kipps General Store on Springfield Ave., and Hollingdrakes Grocey Store


on Churchill Blvd. I used to dispatched for two taxi companies on Friday



and on the weekends. They were Arrow Taxi run by Lou Hayman, and,


Park Taxi run by Bert Flowers. I met my wife Sharon Hill in the "Happy Days"


resturant called, "POPS" , also know as Pearls coffee shop, it was on

Churchill Blvd.,


between Fairfield and Springfield Ave. That was in 1960


and we were married in the United Church on Springfield Ave., in 1966.


We bought a home at 150 Homer Ave., just off Empire Ave. above Regent St.


In 1972, I was transfered by Northern Electric on Shearer Street to

Belleville, Ontario


where we stayed until I retired in 1998. We moved to High Park in the West

end of


Toronto in 2005 to be closer to our son Christopher and his wife Karen.


It should be noted that even after fifty years, three of my friends still

stay in touch.


Ferg, Bud, and Mary-Ellen. I look forward to seeing more memories on your



Rod Holcroft


Thanks Rod



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