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News From the GPK Legion (65 Years Old)

Hi Marston:

 Do not know if you remember me.  I am Andrea Main and I lived on Vercheres

Street until 1970.

 This year on November 26, 1943 our branch will be celebrating 65 years.

 I have been actively involved with Branch # 94 for the past 30 years.  I

have been on the Executive for more than 20 years on and off.  This year I

am the Secretary and for the past 10 years have been the Publicity


 I woulld like to see the above historical data of the branch posted if it is


 We organized a 65th party on September 13th.

 I am attaching some pictures:

 71201  the anniversary cake made by one of our members Celina Windsor

CATCCNTD      Andrea Main, Shirley Miller, Helen Robinson & Judy Brittain

performing "New York, New York"

71212   Comrade Bruce Robertson, President, Comrade William Rowden,

District Commander of District # 10 & Bernie Constantini, President of the

Borough of Greenfield Park.

 A good time was had by one and all.

 Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

 Was on your site this morning and I will be sending you pictures of the

Remembrance supper on November 8th.

 Next time I will be sending you some information on what the legion has done

for their veterans and their spouses and for the community of Greenfield


 Thanks a million

 Andrea Main

Publicity Chairperson

Royal Canandian Legion

Branch # 94

Greenfield Park, P.Q.

 Thanks Andrea



 In 1943, Comrade David Taggart (Life Member of Verdun Branch No. 4 and Commander of the Legion’s South District of Montreal) residing in Greenfield Park, conceived the idea of forming a branch of the Canadian Legion in our Town.

 This would enable the men and women serving in the Armed and Auxiliary Forces an Organization ready for them upon discharge where they could gather and further the spirit of comradeship and mutual aid.

 A letter was sent to the Town Secretary, Cde Ernest Nightingale requesting a meeting with the Town Officials, for their permission and assistance in the formation of this Branch, which was readily given.

 With the efforts of interested veterans and members of a social organization called “The Ex-Servicemen’s Club” and several volunteers, Branch 94 was formed and chartered on November 26, 1943, proudly bearing the name –

Greenfield Park Branch No. 94, Canadian Legion of the

British Empire Service League

(later changed to Royal Canadian Legion).



Banning, John Henry                        Mercer, James                

Beck, Thomas                                    Mitchell, Frederick      

Best, Frederick George            Noseworthy, Nathan   

Boyd, David                                    Newton, William Arthur

Burgess, David                                    Saunders, John Thomas

Holcroft, Fred                                    Teague, Ernest James

McLean, David C.                        White, William James                                                                          Wright, Edward G.




 Asprey, Jack                                    MacIntosh, Archie                        *                       

Bremner, Bruce                        *            Martin, Gerald


Caverly, Gerald                        *            Newbury, Edward (Ted)


Corey, Harold                        *            Newton, Thomas H.Jr.


DeSerres, Lou                        *            Nightingale, Frederick


Dias, Robert                                                Noakes, Robert                        *


Fishloch, Leonard, Sr.            *            Rufh, Chester Sr.                        *


Goldup, Al                                    *            Rufh, Chester Jr.                        *


Gregory, David                        *            Samalack, Clifford


Heaven, Alex                        *            Sheppard, Charles                        *


Holden, Arthur                                    Teague, Richard                       


Holden, Leonard                        *            Tombs, Ernest


Holmes, Herbert (Herbie)                        Wells, George (Buck)


Kipps, H.                                       *            Wells, Harry                                    *


MacDonald, James, Jr.            *            White, W.                                    *



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