Saturday, November 22, 2008

Off the East Coast....Yikes...!!

Shark caught off Fundy Park ( Alma , New Brunswick )


A friend got a call this morning, telling him that there was a shark

caught in nets just a few kms from the wharf in Alma . Because he

works for Parks Canada in it was on Park territory, the staff had to



They pulled it out of the water this morning. I thought my husband

was pulling my leg, so I told him I needed proof. It is about 28 feet long.

It is huge and very scary.


These are pictures of the shark! I told him I wanted to see him next

to the shark, or I wouldn't believe him.


So if you ever think about going for a swim in Fundy Park , I would think

twice about that idea. They said because of Global Warming, this will

happen more and more. The ocean water here in Canada is getting

warmer every year."JAWS" could be lurking!


Thanks Win S.


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