Wednesday, November 19, 2008

School Pic Names

Hi Marty,

(1)after doing some more research I must admit that John Penney is correct about the Gaspard Fauteux  ribbon -cutting ceremony.

(2) re the pics from the first ever Royal George School Annual as best as I can remember the people in the  photos are as follows: Pic #1top L-R Donna Cooke with teacher John Beaton(dec)-- John McConachie/ Brenda Hollingdrake(dec),Gayle Blain(dec) ,next row ?? Mr&Mrs Hadley ??  next row Mr Dorgan, "The Regents", ?? , ??/ Harold Rye

Pic #2 top row L-R Mervyn Blizzard, Melvin Stone, Mr Goodwin-next row Mrs Wheatley(dec) centre-- I can't figure out the people in the small pics around her-- Phyllis Bannister-- bottom row L-R Barbara Ridewood(dec), ?? Mr Baker, Bill Hinks


Pic # 3--Top L-R Dr. Mile, ?? , Doug Hadley, next row- John Prince(dec) Baker/Mile ,John Beaton(dec), bottom row-- John Rosevear, ?? Mr Goodwin. JMcC

Thanks John McC.


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