Thursday, November 13, 2008

US Gas Prices vs Canadian Gas Prices

On CNN last night the national average for gas was - $2.220/Gal in the U.S.

 On CTV last night the national average for gas was  - $0.887/L X 3.7 = $3.282/Gal in Canada

 Now I know we pay more here in Canada because of taxes re health care & the value of the dollar etc. but I don't remember the difference being this great in the past!!  ............ I'ma thinkin that perhaps, just perhaps, we're being shafted again!!


 Thanks Win

There is 3.84 Liters to a US Gallon & That makes your gas $3.40 With a recent exchange Rate of CDN $0.8130 makes your price $2.76 US per US Gal. I believe your gas tax is a percent of the sale while ours is a fixed amount so it look like your government is pocketing the extra..

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