Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Vacation Pics

Docked in Port Said, it's the 4th largest city in Egypt and the 2nd most
important port after Alexandria and is just north of the Suez Canal.

We had an armed escort on each bus and we travelled in a convoy along the
Suez Canal, through farm lands (they harvest pigeons in some tower like
contraptions on most farms) to Cairo.

Cairo is extremely polluted, there is a haze over the city 3 times worst
than LA. The city, including the Pyramid area is very dirty.

We drove to the Giza Plateau to the Great Pyramids. There are 3 main
pyramids: the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the pyramid of Kafhre and the smaller
pyramid of Menkaura. In front of the pyramids lies the Sphinx, the guardian
of this mortuary complex. This enormous cat-like sculpture is carved out of
a single block of stone.

Giza's 3 pyramids and the sphinx are thought to have been constructed in the
fourth dynasty of Egypt's Old Kingdom. For us this translates to about
5,000 years ago.

Took a camel ride, they are very nasty beasts and not easy to get on or stay
on .... this was my first and will be my last camel ride, but what an

Not far from the entrance to the Plateau you are confronted with a "Kentucky
Fry Chicken" (had to see it to believe it) they probably serve pigeons. A
comment made by some unknown visitor "Why do they build the pyramids so
close to the Hotels" ....

Visited the National Archaeological Museum, it contains Egypt's ancient
history, spanning a period of over 50 centuries. The Museum is the
repository of the world's largest and riches collection of Egyptian
antiquity, amongst them the priceless collection of King Tutankhamen, this
is the only area of the museum which is air conditioned, we spent most of
our time viewing that exhibit since it was 32 C that day!!

Next stop Cyprus.


Thanks Barry & Louise D.

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