Friday, November 07, 2008

Vacation Pics

Docked in Antalya, Turkey a beautiful and very clean city.


We visited Aspendos founded on a hill top near the Eurymedon river, only

parts of the city have been excavated, it's Roman theater is the best

preserved of any in the Mediterranean.  It was built in the 2 century AD and

dedicated to "The Gods of Country and the Imperial House" according to the

inscription.  The theater's capacity is estimated at 20,000, it's still in

service for some important concerts and international festivals.


Our next stop was the ancient city of Perge with ruins dating back to 1,000

BC and according to the legend was founded by the Seers Mopsus and Calchas

after their retreat from Troy.  Although not a large city it was on a wide

plain between two hills west of the Kestros river.  Despite being some 12 km

inland, Perge was able to benefit from the advantages of the seas by means

of the river but was also removed from the attacks of pirates invading by



In Perge the worship of Artemis was far more important than that of the male

gods and was the dominant motif in art and coins.  Access to the city was

through the Roman Gate, the Hellenistic Gateway and walls are the only

pre-Roman structures and were built in 3 century BC.  The agora (market) of

Perge is a small symmetrical rectangle surrounded by colonnades and shops,

it was built when the city was enlarged in the 4 century AD.


Next stops Santorini and Mykonos




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