Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Victoria Park Visit

Hi Folks.............I just returned from Victoria Park in downtown London, Ont. where I witnessed the observance of the great world wars and the men and women that made the supreme sacrifice.................In years past there has always been a good turnout for this observance but this year, perhaps it's because 90 years have past since the end of WW1, the crowd was amazingly huge!! Just as the turnout by young people at the voting stations thoughout the U.S. in the recent federal election was unprecedented, I witnessed hordes of young folks in their teens and twenties along with moms, dads and grandparents pushing strollers etc.


Along with the obvious reasons for being there it makes one wonder if in times of turmoil and hardship which we are experiencing or are about to, if it is not part of the human spirit to assemble and bring comfort to fellow beings.


I'm just glad I went!!!


Win Swinwood

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