Saturday, December 06, 2008


Hi Marty,

 I enjoyed the video of Extrodinary Mothers but have to point out that there are equally extrodinary fathers.  Although I don't have video to support what I am about to tell you... I know in my heart of hearts that it is true.

 In 1967 we adopted a mutt... Hank... he was not without his problems however he was one of the most intelligent animals I have ever befriended. Hank was a warm and friendly mutt who was loved throughout the neigbourhood.

 When our cat Marsha had a litter, Hank. without hesitation became the foster father. Marsha would get out of her box. come upstairs summon Hank, Hank would go down get in the box and take care of the kittens.... Marsha would then go about her business... when she was finished Hank would come upstairs and laydown.


Bob Hawkins

 Thanks Bob,

Animals are capable of many wonderful things

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