Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Feral Cats in Ottawa

Hi Marty and Normand,


I'm not sure if you and Normand are aware of the feral cats on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  The link below is from Wikipedia and shows photo's etc.  Now having told Ralph Bennett the other day that one cannot always believe what appears on Wikipedia, I know this story to be true.


The problem with information on Wikipedia is that they allow individuals like myself, and you've seen my editorials, to access the articles and to write/edit the information.  I do one on roofing.  Like others out there I was looking for assistance on a subject and came across an article on roofing on Wikipedia.  It was so off base it made my skin crawl.  That is not say that the corrections or editing that I did is right.... it means that it is closer to the facts.... there may be other dissenting opinions out there.


Bob H

PS If I am not mistaken the cat condos have since been dismantled and this tourist attraction no longer exists.  Maybe one of your readers has more information.




Bob Hawkins


Thanks Bob.

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