Thursday, December 04, 2008

GPK Musicals from the 50's ??? Names Pls.



Recently I made contact with a Greenfield Parker I still haven't seen for over 56 years. David Smith lived in the Park after having arrived from the U.K and the two of us met at Chambly County High School. Royal George still had no High School Grades at the time.

 During our " catch up " conversation, he mentioned the Musicals that the Park People organized in both there and in St Lambert.. Young people from both areas participated. David and I were some of those young people. I managed to resurrect a few photos including this one that shows a sprinkling of  GrfldPk faces in the cast.

David has a program that I will forward next naming some of the producers and star performers.  Although we are both in the photo, we certainly never made the grade of musical "Stars" or producers.

I see a lot of your blogers identifying people who were 20 to 30 years older than this group from the Legion and old army I have some hope some one may interested anmd/or able to identify some of these people


Thanks Doug G.

Maybe we can get some names here...

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