Saturday, December 20, 2008

Keeping your sanity

Afternoon Marty,


As a point of interest, or not, I thought I would send you the "Road I Travel To Get To The Blog" or better known around here as "Why Bob's Brain Doesn't Function Like Other Brains".


My work/play day starts in my home office.... a nice word for a partially finished cubical in the basement. I sit down and start on "the road to the blog."


1st - I log into the computer at the company that I am doing work for, that requires a 7 letter name and an 8 digit password.


2nd - I log into my company email - that takes 12 letters + 4 digits with a 4digit password


3rd - I log into Yahoo mail - thats 7 letters + 1 character + 5 letters with a 6 digit password


4th - I log into gmail - thats 3 letters + 1 character + 7 letters + 2 digits with an 8 digit password


And then, and only then, do I check out the blog.... and people wonder why I live in the fantasy world of Father Bob.



Bob Hawkins


Thanks Bob

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