Monday, December 01, 2008

Life on Empire Ave



Here are just some of the good reasons to sell me one or let me win a

Empire Street signs.


My parents, my daughter Darla (with her dad in the picture) also Tom and

I were all married at St. Paul's church on.... Empire Street.

We bought our one and only home on.... Empire Street.

Darla rode her bicycle back and forth to school just like many year ago

I did on.... Empire street.

My sister and I (picture taken on John Street) had our confirmation at

St. Paul's on....Empire street.

Three generation of my family attend church and Sunday school on

.....Empire street.

Darla (in the blue sweater) for many years delivered the Montreal Star

on ....Empire Street.

We had Darla's wedding reception like Darla wanted in the back yard

on....Empire Street.

We watched many Greenfield Park parades sitting on our front step's;

also I was in one

for the Busy Bee's on.... Empire Street.

My grandson from the USA spent his first birthday at our home

on....Empire street.

We spent many hours shoveling snow off our roof and driveway

on....Empire street

Through the many years of happiness also some sadness Tom and I lived as

a family on.... Empire Street.


Now please tell me... can I buy... or win one???  Ha-ha


You all have a nice day.


Beverley Alexander / Vye


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