Thursday, December 11, 2008

Memories of the Terraces

Hi Marty,

Reading about the murder on Lawrence brought back memories.We lived at 219 Lawrence for about a year in 1961 and then moved to Beck Terrace for ten years.After we left a brother and sister moved in.He apparently hung himslef in the basement shortly after.

The hockey facility they were talking about for the Canadians is great.They have a beautiful one here in Ottawa also where the Sens practice.It's called the Sens Plex.There are four skating rinks I believe and soccer.It's great when the kids have tournaments.It will be great when we host the World Juniors this year.Also every year we hold a Bell tournament for kids at the same time.It's the biggest tournament in the world and teams come from all over the world .It's getting bigger every year as new teams hear about it.

Have a super day Marty

Ellen Stone


Thanks Ellen

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