Saturday, December 06, 2008

More about Pop's on Churchill Blvd

Hello There Marston !!
I hope that you are ready for Christmas and the cold weather !! Good luck !!

Normand was asking a few questions a couple of days back,,,Mr Rolf had two sons
Alain and Bob,,,Alain had been in the navy for a while,,I think he got out about 1964 and then
worked with POP and Bob in the newer restaurant ,,,and of course with his daughter Pearl !!

Sorry I can't give you any better information,,,I should know / remember more,,,god we sure spent enough
time there,,,,I still remember POP'S great French fries, juicy hamburgers and thick vanilla milk shakes,,,
Mm,,,,getting hungry,,,gotta go !! Bye,,, john,,

Thanks John G.

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