Monday, December 01, 2008

Pop's Memories

Hi Marty, In answer to Normand's question re the first location of Pop's ,it was 96 Churchill in the same block that Normand had his quiz about--the block which housed Mason Office Outfitters as well as  Primeau's and before Primeau, Gauthier Cycle(Prop. "hubs" Gauthier) .

The reason I am so sure of this is that my Mother tried to buy the business from Pop Rolfe in April 1953 for the price of $4,200. in 1953. My father died without a will in 1952 and although the mortgage on the family home had been paid off in 1951, with the insurance case re my fathers  death still not resolved my mother thought to take over the business to provide for the family.


 Unfortunately that would require taking out a mortgage again on the house and a family council voted that that was too risky and so I never got to work behind the counter selling fish and chips. The original name of that restaurant was Park(Pop's) Soda Bar. As an additional question-- who were the other three family members who worked with Pop at the new Pop's(Pearl's Coffee Shop) . JMcC


Thanks John

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