Thursday, December 11, 2008

St Charles Memories

Well I kept thinking I would love a St. Charles Road sign…..but not

able to supply you with pictures as I am in Az. U.S.A.,

 for the winter far away from the cold of Greenfield

Park right now……but growing up in the Park was a wonderful

time in my life.



We moved to St. Charles  when I was too small to

remember from my grandfather Walter Newbury’s house on Empire  know

as (pop) to all school kids .



 It was just hay fields behind us which was cut for hay to

feed livestock  ,or for places for us to hide when playing hide and seek

,especially the large tree .



 which stood right behind our house, were today it would be

right in the middle of the soccer field ,,,,,there were no fences  and we

had a path over to



 Empire from our back yard which was just a path right up to Churchill

to catch the streetcar.



 Many times the large creek in front of our house was full in

the spring ,,,,,it was fun to throw a stick in and see if we could run as fast

as our sticks



 were floating down stream ……We fished my sister Suzanne

out of the creek one spring in pretty deep water ,,,maybe we should have waited

to see



 if she could float ….(.just kidding Sue ).



We learned to drive our bikes on this street deliver papers ,played

with the Webb’s the Provost’s next door  and Holcroft’s ,and

the Rudge’s down a bit further.


I ran many times to catch the bus going to C.C.H.S. we could

watch it on Churchill from St. Charles and figure how fast we had to run to get

to the corner on time .



Then they made the road all new with sidewalk’s and

paving we were in heaven nice roads to drive our bikes on  and later push my

brother Fred’s  carriage……



After I married I lived on St Charles and deliver our first daughter

right in my Mom’s and Dad’s house it was not planned  ,but

things started to move to fast for me






to get to the hospital,,,,,so try to explain that to the Government

 when it came time to fill out the forms for Family allowance for children

I remember it was $6.00 a






month for each child we thought we were in the money ……….






We lived right next to Barbara Rudge as our family

grew  and I brought 3 more children home to St. Charles Road ..As the

children got a bit older they would run






down to my mother’s house to play with my brother as

he was just 3 yrs older them my oldest ,many times they probably missed being

hit by someone’s  car as they






crossed the street of many curves  to get to Nanny’s

house as she always had chocolate chip cookies ….Or tell her they had not

had any breakfast  which was always a lie .






I guess they figured Nanny would believe then ..






Later when we decided to move to Ontario it was a sad time for the kids as

they missed there Uncle  Ricky, which was a nickname so we did not have  two







In the house ….It was Bud Wright’s mother Frieda

that got us started with the nickname for my brother.






So every week my mother Helen would go to the post office

with a large parcel full of chocolate chip cookies and candy ,etc. for the my

kids they would look for the parcel

that Nanny would send them …


They loved coming down to St. Charles Road  for a weeks visit

to Greenfield Park  with “Ricky

” …and going to the pool with him and his friends …….





I always loved coming back to St. Charles Road to visit with Mom and

Dad , Suzanne  and Fred…it always felt good turning on to this road

as now I was home …


Tearfully  Mom sold her home before passing on. but

when I go back I always drive by the house to see if it has changed and think

of it as home ….









 Elizabeth Newbury Baird

Thanks Elizabeth



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