Sunday, January 18, 2009

1968 Birthday

Hi Marty,

 Here is a photo taken on my birthday way back in 1968.  It was Grey Cup Day also.  So I decided to invite all my co-workers and their ladies, who Pat had never met, to celebrate with me.  The fellow in the photo, the one who doesn't look to impressed with me, is Hector Pitre. Hector, Terry O'Sullivan, Serge Verrault and Joe Starkauskas all worked with me at Northern Electric. Fortunately they mingled well with Pat and my friends.


I imagine the reason Hector is not impressed is that I was not as accomplished a drinker as he. The jug in my hand.... well that jug was made in 1871 of course the booze in it was made the day before the party.  I decided to try a new drink I had heard of.... Caribou... a mixture of red wine and alchool. I started sipping it during the Grey Cup Game.

 I remember the gang from the office arriving... to the great surprise of Pat.... however...... I don't remember them putting me to bed.

 Now remember this is November 30th... in Quebec.... I awoke December 1st in my bed.... alone.... frozen to the sheets in regurgitated red wine.... and that was only the first of 41 years of marriage..... wonder if she will ever come back to bed.


Bob Hawkins

Thanks Bob

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