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2009 GPK Reunion News & Attendees List

2009 Greenfield Park Reunion Reminder


Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey that was sent out in mid-Nov. 

We received positive responses indicating that approximately 85 people would like to attend.

  We will be issuing details about the Reunion in late January or early February.


To anyone who would like to attend, but has not yet responded, please let us know ASAP.

  The sizes of the rooms that we book for the Reunion events will be based on the

responses we receive.


The current plans for the Greenfield Park Reunion to be held

in Ottawa

from Friday, September 11th to Sunday September 13th 2009

are as following events:


- A Friday Night Meet & Greet (approx $10 pp) -

- A Saturday Picnic at Mid-day (no charge) -

- A Saturday Evening Dinner/Dance? (approx $30 pp) -

- A Sunday Morning Brunch (approx $10 pp) -


Participants would be able to attend any or all of the events as they choose. 

Please note that the prices shown above are only estimates at this point and are subject to change.


To allow us to select appropriate venues for the events & firm up costs, we need to know :


-       If  you would be interested in attending the Reunion?

- If so, which of the 4 events you would plan to attend?

- If you would require overnight hotel accommodation?

(We will arrange special rates with a local hotel if there is enough demand)

-       Whether you would prefer a dinner/dance or just a dinner on Saturday evening





Greenfield Park 2009 Reunion Survey Response to 04 Jan 09


John & Dorothy (Bugera) Penney           

Garry & Karen Comber

Janet (Allen) & Don Watson                                   

Sandy (Snow) & Brian Robinson

Ralph & Millie Bennett                                   

Sharon, Maureen & Kathleen Fogarty

Clifford/Margaret Board                                   

Bruce Harfield

Wayne Caverly & wife                                   

Betty (Heath) Wright

David & Sharron Rye                                               

Barb(Williams) & George Hamilton

Tiemen Korvemaker                                               

Marston North

Ivan Rhoades & wife                                               

Lorna (Forder) Paquin

Normand Simard & Louise Ratelle                                               

Diane (Forder) Stack

Barbara (Barfoot) Lewis                                   

John Riley

Sam & Ellen Stone                                               

Margo (Tomalty) Valliant

George Hollingdrake                                               

Marilyn Blackwood

Judy (Harrison) Johnson                                   

Brenda (Harrison) Casey

Barb (Went) Carver & husband                       

Diane (Heavyside) Belliveau

Heather (Hubbard) Cooper                                   

Rod & Raye Smith

Brenda (Fielding) & Fred Knight                       

Lorna (Garrett) Watkins

Beverly(Garrett) Jeary                                   

Carolyn (Cobb) Dalgard

Heather (McCallum) Nesbitt & Husband           

Pat (Woodall) & Terry Caverly

Lawrence & Gwen Comber                                   

Ann & Winston Swinwood

Denise (Houle) Evola                                               

Dave Houle

Penny (Tomalty) & Doug Love                       

Heather (Blain) Gibb

Don & Mirella Ridewood

Noreen (Barfoot) Toner

Steven Kemper           

Norma (Board) & Robert Knight

John & Chris Flesch

Don & Phyllis Flesch

Bonnie (Burcombe) & Denis Frappier

Pete & Gayle Young

Susan Bremner & Leonard

Linda (Murray) & David Fraser

Keith Penney

John Bugera & Julie Hopkins

Enid Small (Malley)



Hi Marty;


Firstly I would like to add my thanks to you for all the work you do on

your daily GPK blog.  I check it daily and love all the stories and

photos.  You are doing a great job.


Secondly I would ask that you put the two attached documents up on the blog.


Now that the holidays are over, Garry & I will be booking meeting rooms

for the GPK Reunion events.  So far we have positive responses

indicating that about 85 people are interested in attending.  I want to

thank everyone who has responded and ask those who have not to consider

whether or not they plan to attend.  The meeting rooms we book will be 

chosen in accordance with the number of responses we receive.


Thanks Marty


Thanks John P.

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