Sunday, January 11, 2009

50 Years Ago

Morning Marston


Hard to imagine how far we have come in just 50 years

For instance, 50 years ago this month........

1  Eisenhower delivered his first State of the Uniion address.

2  Fidel Castro led 6,000 guerillas against Havanna and took control of Cuba

3   Alaska was procliamed a State  resulting in the addition of a 49 th Star to the American flag

4  The soviets launched the first man made " planet" to orbit between Mars and the Earth

5  Buddy Holly released what would be  his last hit record " Raining in my heart" which was written by Paul Anka

6  France's General Charles De Gaulle was proclaimed the 1St President of the 5 th French Republic

7  Elvis Presley celebrated his 24 birthday

8  C.B.S.  premiers " Rawhide" Staring a rising star by the name of " Clint Eastwood"

9  Programs on T.V are

                                          Perry Mason,                        Wagon Train                           Lassie

                                          Wanted, Dead or Alive,       THe price is right                    Jack Benny

                                          Have Gun Will travel             The Milton Bearle show         Ed Sullivan Show

                                          Oh Susanna                           Bat Masterson                       G.E. Theatre

                                          Gunsmoke                              This is your life                     Walt Disney Presents

10 #1 song on the hit parade is the Chipmonk song

11 Walt Disney's, $6 million  75 minute animated feature film " Sleeping beauty" was released. making it the most

     costliest film to produce to date.

12 The latest in family cars is the 1959 Mercury Country Cruiser with wrap around windows in the rear priced under


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