Monday, January 19, 2009

Can we get some more names here??

Good morning Marty,

 Just scanned four pictures and would appreciate you putting them on your blog. I really don’t know how. The titles are pretty self-explanatory and I know all the people so perhaps you could put these on and see if anyone knows who they are.

 Park Aires are Red Drummond, Stan Sheppard, George Pendlebury, Ken Jeary.

Robert and myself playing hockey

Lafleche Hawks – me in the middle, Charlie Menary is there, Steve Mesner, Don Bremner, Bob Evans, Harry Cobb, Melvin Stone and a bunch of frenchies we needed to make up the team.

Davige Engineers – me in the middle (waterboy), my Dad on the left, the coach on the right is Charlie Kobelt, and guess the rest.

 Thanks a lot.


Red Drummond

Thanks Red

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