Friday, January 16, 2009

Family Stories and Pics

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Attached is a photo of my Grandfather Art Taylor and my grandmother Jeanne (Piche) Taylor.  Art was born with a clf lip, pallet and nose. In his youth Art was an outstanding hockey player.  The speech impediment as a result of the clef lip caused Art to have a short fuse and he constantly felt a need to defend his honour.


The uniform Art is wearing is that of a WWI stretcher bearer.


Sometime in the mid fifties Art and Jeanne separtated. In most part it was due to Art's many dalliances.  Apparently the clef lip and speech impediment did not interfere with his love making at the Boar War Vets Club.


While living in the Park one of my best friends and fondest memories were/are of Graham Kroll.  At that time my grandmother Jeanne lived with Roz and Dave Snyder while gramps lived with us on Gregory. Graham knew them both but did not associate them with each other. Art passed away in 1965.


After Pat and I married in 1967 Jeanne came to live with us the following spring.  We invited Graham and his wife Marley for Thanksgiving dinner that year (it couldn't have been Easter since Graham is Jewish by injection).  When supper was ready we all sat at the dinning room table, me at the head, Graham at the other end, while Marley and Pat sat on one side and Nana Taylor sat on the other side.


One of the side dishes was turnip.  Art loved his "Nurnip". Graham and I enjoyed mimicking my grandfathers speech impediment, when he wasn't around of course. Knowing Grahams wit I reached out with the bowl of turnip and said, "Nurnips"? Immediately Graham started "I love my Nurnips". "Nurnips, Mrs. Taylor"...... Nana, with a dead pan serious look said to Graham " I don't think you're funny making jokes about my husband like that"....... Graham's jaw hit the table and for the first and only time in his life he was at a loss for words... then Nana laughed and all was well.


Graham still has not forgiven me for that moment....


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