Friday, January 02, 2009

GPK Memories

Hi Marty and Happy New Year to you and Yours....


Re the article you posted...


Dorothy Parker's husband was/is Les Elder.

I ran into him in the late 70's. He was working for Nortel at the St Laurent Plant. (Decarie Circle)

In addition to Carleton Place we also did a Group Trip to Plattsburg NY to The WPTZ TV Saturday afternoon

Dance show. It was a low budget version of American Bandstand.

I think the emcee of the show was a guy named Bird Berdan... AKA the Atlantic Weatherman.

I forget the details of the trip but I think Les' 57 Chev broke down or something?????

I am sure someone remembers.

Years later while golfing in Perth ON I was introduced to a Banker named  ??? Rintoul.

By the end of the evening we figured out I had been billeted with his Aunt and Uncle

during that Christian Teeners Trip to Carleton Place.

I remember that later on the United Church made us change our name from Christian Teeners

to CYO??? ( Christian Youth  Organization ??? ) or something like that.

It was not well rec'd by the group; and that along with the rise in popularity of the Youth Centre led to the demise of the group.

Ainsi va la vie....

Thanks for the memories Linda....



Thanks Ralph

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