Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Family History

Hi Marty,


I have attached two items from the many that I have received as a result of your posting some of my family photo's and names on your blog.  The blog has been a real boost for me in my search for family history. Yesterday I sent a picture of my grandmother and grandfather.  The two attachments are of my grandmothers great grandfather Basile Piche. The one is an exerpt from Jean Louis Lalondes first book on the history of French Protestants in Quebec.


For years I was under the impression that we were descendants of Huegenots.  Thanks to your blog I have found out that that was not so.  Basile, shown here, was converted to Protestantism in 1850.

Jean Louis Lalonde has written a new more complete history of the french protestants and my ancestors are featured in the book as well as their churches in Belle Riviere and Masham Quebec. My grandmother photographed and saved everything so I am quite fortunate to have pictures of the churches and family members picnicing on the lawn, some taken in the early 1900's.


Perhaps if more of your readers were to send in old pic's and names they too may find out more about their past.... then again they may not want to know.


Bob Hawkins

Thanks Bob

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