Saturday, January 03, 2009

Memories and Kind Words from Neighbors

Hi Marston,

It's already day two of 2009 and I'm just sitting here this morning checking out the blog and at the same time watching the birds through our patio door coming to their feeders which sparked a flash of memory from when I was a kid growing up on King Edward.

One summer my younger brother and I found a baby pigeon which was too young to feed itself, so we kept it, fed it and spent pretty much all of our time with it.  Pidge is what we called him.   As he grew, he became very attached to us.  He followed us everywhere, came in the house and sat on top of our books as we did our homework.  So content just being with us.

I don't know how he always knew, but each day when we would be walking home from school he would fly up the street to meet us  (about 12 doors away).  Pidge would then land on our head or shoulder and not being able to contain his happiness he would be peeping constantly, kissing (pecking) us all over the face non stop as he jumped from shoulder to head and back to shoulder again.  

Such an incredible connection we had with that bird!.......come to think back we also had three baby pigeons when we lived next door to your parents after Richard and I were married.  Richard found them in a box car one day and brought them home.  We fed them and they grew feathers and were oh so cute and everyone loved them except later on when the nights got cooler the little buggers took up sleeping on you're parents' lamp posts (one on each side of their front door) - they liked the heat I guess coming up from the lights  and come morning, giant pyramids of pigeon droppings could be found on the door step.

  Needless to say, your father was not a happy camper.   Richard finally had to take the pigeons and release them somewhere in LaPrairie I think or maybe it was at Atwater Market.

Well, Marston enough of my bird brain stories for now, but before I sign off, I would like to thank you very much for all your efforts in keeping the blog going for the past three years.  You've done a fantastic job.  Also to you and your family - a very Happy New Year  - good health and all good things for 2009 and to the rest of our bloggers as well.


Margaret and Richard

Thanks Margaret and Richard

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