Thursday, January 01, 2009

Pics from 50 Years Ago

Hi Marston & Gang,

Attached are six pictures from December 31, 1958 at a party held by the co-leaders of Christian Teeners (an organization at GP United Church) at their home on Chambly (between Churchill & Gladstone). They were Dorothy Parker (older sister of Hazel from Murray St.) and Les ??, her husband. Also directors were Ken Thompson (not the one on John Street) & his wife Joyce (??); Ken later became a minister. We also did an exchange visit with Carleton Place United Church during the couple of years that the group ran (BYC - before youth centre). We need some help from bloggers to answer the ?? marks - Sandy R., David R., Ralph, John McC - ask Diane re leaders' names, et al. All the gang in the pictures were in Grades 8, 9 or 10 at Royal George at the time, except Mike L's. girlfriend and Carolyn Whalen who went to D'arcy McGee.

1. Harry Cobb, Rita Doherty, Ken Berry

2. Carolyn Whalen & Barry Reeves

3. Brian Babb & Allison Messner

4. Dancing Couples: Left - Barry R. & Carolyn W., Mid - Johnny Main (??) & Carole Lalanne, Right - Mike Ledbetter & Girlfriend (??)

5. Conga Line: Led by Ralph Bennett, behind Ralph ??, Sandra Snow, Johnny Main, Penny Tomalty, ?? in front of a Laughlin sister, Linda or Leah Laughlin

6. Group Picture: Front Row: Barry Reeves, Carolyn Whalen, Rita Doherty, Harry Cobb.

2nd Row (zigzag): Allison Messner, Sandra Snow, Carol Demers, Leah Laughlin, Linda Laughlin, Margaret MacDonald ?? behind LL, David Fraser, Penny Tomalty, Linda Alexander, Gary Farber

3rd Row (zigzag): Brian Babb, Barry Kay, Girlfriend of Mike L., David Rye, Johnny Main (??), Mike Ledbetter, Garth Bartlett, Jim Kellough (??), Arthur Went (??), Clifford Walker, behind Ralph ??, Ralph Bennett.

Happy New Year to all!

Linda Alex-LaR.

Thanks Linda

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