Friday, January 23, 2009

Two Links to Vintage Planes

Hi Marty, the attached  photos ,I am sure ,will take many of your readers back the the super air shows which we used to go and see at St Hubert Air Base in the late fifties and early sixties. The completely retrofitted F 86 Sabre is the latest addition to the stable of vintage planes owned by Michael Potter ,a high tech entrepreneur here in Ottawa who built his own company Cognos and sold it a few years ago for approximately $450,000,000.00 , yes 450 million dollars, and created the Vintage Wings foundation . He has since acquired and completely retrofitted 10 planes and all are flying. He has just built his own hangar on the Gatineau Airport property to house his collection. My eldest son's house is about 15 mins from the Gatineau Airport and I watched Mr Potter put his Spitfire through its paces more than once last summer and I am looking forward to sitting on my son's deck this summer and watching the Sabre do the same thing. The website address is . JMcC

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What an incredible job they have done on this aircraft. Stunning! It has to be seen, and I will see it some time this summer, wherever I have to go.




Thanks John McC.


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