Monday, February 09, 2009

50's Raceway

I read with interest what George Hollingdrake had to say about Noel race track and Jackie Ball and thought some of our blog visitors may be interested if I expanded on George's comments.


My brother Ken and I would drive to the track on weekends with Jack in his pickup pulling his racecar on a flatbed - we seldom paid to get in because we, of course, were with Jack. Those who remember Jackie Ball will remember he always had an angle, a way to make a buck although he never held a steady job - until later on when he owned and drove a cab in the Park. His race car was number 12 and was painted yellow and either black or dark green (I can't remember exactly). He had it's name painted on one side "Comet" - well it was anything but a comet - Jack would give strict orders to the driver to stay low on the track and stay out of trouble - as the other cars would race around licitly-split, some going over the top of turn one at about 70 miles per hour all for the enjoyment of the crowd, there would be old no.12 down low on the track, staying out of trouble as it tore up the track at 50 MPH or so!! - "The Comet" very seldom won a race but was almost always finishing in the money, enough for Jack to pay his driver, put gas and oil in the car and have beer money until the next weekend!!


When the "Comet's" days were done it was hauled up to Gratten Lake (outside Rawdon) where the exterior was completely removed - all it had was a wooden floor, with a steering wheel, clutch and break pedals and bench seats with no safety belts and four wheels - you either held on to the seats or each other as Jack would take all who had guts enough (or was crazy enough) to go on a blistering tour of Gratten Lake and area!!


Boy,  those were the days and you just had to like Jackie Ball - he sure made life interesting if you were lucky enough to survive hanging out with him!!


Win Swinwood

Thanks Win

Boy the memories…!!!

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