Wednesday, February 11, 2009

705 Miller Ave.

To answer Normand's question about 705 Miller Ave. before my brother

does, the house was renovated by by subsequent owners some time after my

parents sold it in the mid '70s.  My father built the house almost

single handedly.  It was originally clad in some kind of fake brick

fibre board.  I was invited into the house in 2001 when I was there

taking pictures of it.  I was happy to see that the fireplace

mantelpiece that my grandfather had made was still there. It has been

renovated on the interior as well as the exterior.  I have attached a

picture that I took in 2001.


Turbo train:  My father was not the regular engineer on the Turbo.  He

always worked the "spare list" and drove trains when the regular

engineer booked off.  I think that he only drove the Turbo a few times.


I once rode on the Turbo in '77 heading from Toronto to Montreal.

However, the train broke down somewhere along the way and everybody had

to get off and cram into another train that was going by way of Ottawa,

if I recall correctly.  There were not enough seats for everyone and I

ended up in the bar car for most of the trip, sitting next to a very

friendly Australian woman.  I won't describe what happened next, but a

copious amount of alcohol was involved.  :-).

 Gary Walsh 

Kitchener, Ontario

Thanks Gary

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