Wednesday, February 11, 2009

705 Miller Memories

Marston / Norman

 Here are 2 more pictures of 705 Miller.

First one is in the mid 50's before they cut down all the trees and

paved the street.

Second one is in the mid 60's.

 After my parents sold it the new owners has siding put on. Origionally

it was insulbrick.

Otherwise there have been no major modifications.


Thanks again for keeping up this blog, Its fun to look back.

 Dave Walsh

Embro Ontario.

 P.S. I searched Greenfield Park on Google Maps and discovered that my

brother Gary has attached a picture of the house at its location.


Here is a project for everyone, put a picture of your old house on Google Earth

Maybe Address, year and family name.


How is that for posterity.

 27 (705) Miller 1957.jpg

705 MILLER 1960.jpg

 These pictures were sent with Picasa, from Google.

Try it out here:

 Thanks David W.

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