Saturday, February 28, 2009

Apology To Barb's Father


 Its nice to see a note from someone on our side of Big Creek. It brings back memories.

 The third house on Parker was the Martin house. Carol and Jen??

 And Barb, I also remember that your dad had a greenhouse and orchard at the back of your place.

If we were really quiet we could sneak through the bush and grab some apples. We were usually chased off though.

 I also remember that greenhouse. It had a wall that was made up of small panes of glass. I also remember the day that Brian Tombs and I couldn't resist all that glass.

 Not a happy ending there.

 I guess we weren't all that sneaky because we were busted and I have a memory of to go over with my dad to apologize. My dad also had to replace all the glass.

Reading back through this no wonder your dad moved.

 Please pass on to your dad my further apologies.

 Dave Walsh.

Thanks Dave

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