Friday, February 20, 2009

The Fun Days

Hi Marty,

Ken Jeary's photo of The Beau Marks brings back some memories. I first saw them at a hotel in Bedford Quebec(Riverside or Riverview I think) before they really hit the big time. Then somewhere about 1961-1962 they were a regular feature at the Hotel Richelieu in St Jean QC from Thurs to Sunday.

A bunch of us young fellows who would regularly spend the weekend at Jenkin's cottage at Mississiquoi Bay (later called Plage Venise) would stop off at the Richelieu on the way down on Fri and stop again on Sun nite on the way back home. No doubt some of your subscribers will remember spending some time in St Jean back then.

PS If I remember correctly  Ray Hutchison played guitar and was the lead singer, Joey Frechette played piano and Mike Robitaille played bass, I can't remember the name of the drummer.

PPS for my buddy Winston Swinwood , Jackie Ball's car was Yellow and black. I remember it well because it was parked in the yard  5 houses down the street from me and Jackie would be working on it a few days each week to get it ready for the following weekend.


Thanks John

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