Friday, February 27, 2009

Grove Street Sign

I want to be the first one to put my dibs in and compete for the Grove sign.  I was born on Grove Street along with my brothers Dave and Steve; our oldest brother, Art wasn't as lucky, he was born in Rosemount due to my Dad being away at war. 

My Dad purchased the house and land under the Veteran's Land Act and at one time had acreage where the I believe the Church has a house for Clergy or did before I left the Park - hindsight is 20/20 , I am sure he regrets selling the acres back in the 50s we would all now be rich.  At the time I lived there, I believe there were only 3 houses, us, the Hills and somebody else.

Davis Farm was around the corner and the Walsh's lived between us and the creek where we played rafts and by some miracle did not drown. Regent Street Park was close enough for even a toddler to walk to and the Park safe enough for her to do it on her own. 

Oh, the memories of small town life and what once was but the spirit lives on through the people on this blog.  As us kids got bigger and it was no longer okay for sharing of rooms between the guys and gal and Dad's wish to be a landlord ( I think he regrets that one!) - we moved to 484 Dorothy and the memories of that street are even more vivid - british bulldog in backyards,picking strawberries in the fields where the mall was built, walking to Royal George and holding my arms out as a member of the safety patrol  at lunch ( maybe that instilled the habit of working through lunch), playing on what was known as the Rockie's - the old pieces of sidewalk concrete in the field –

in fact, the seeds of friendship take for a generation in the Park - this October I met with Lee Jenkins in Calgary and reminisced about the Park and just last month Heather James and I met in Vermont and demonstrated I'm a little teacup for her Grandson reliving the days in the kindergarten we attended in the basement of the United Church, remembering events like when Barry Allardyce got him by I think the milk truck, the coming of Miracle Mart, etc. etc

It is too bad there isn't a Dorothy sign.  As a teenager, we moved to White Crescent in Capital Homes and for some reason likely because the 5 whole streets sat alone surrounded by fields; divided from the rest of the Park by Tower's parking lot it never felt part of the Park as it is today. also the fact that we had to go to Lemoyne instead of Royal George contributed to this feeling on my part - across Taschereau always felt better than in Capital Homes at that time.


Sorry to digress so much from my main purpose of writing this but when you start thinking of the hometown and missing it and the people, it is so easy to forget just what you were talking about ( or is it age?)


Normand - please consider me for the sign - I plan on giving it to my father for his 90th birthday as a memory of when he and my Mom were just starting out with 4 kids under 10 on one salary living in the most wonderful town in Canada and providing the foundation for a lifetime of memories.


See you at the Centennial - if not before

Barb Carver ( nee Went)

Thanks Barb


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