Saturday, February 28, 2009

Guest List for the 2011 GPK Cenntenial

Good Day Everyone,

We are in the initial planning stages for Greenfield Park's Centennial Celebrations scheduled for July 15, 2011.  We are sending this e-mail to all of you for a couple of reasons.


Firstly, we would like you to respond to let us know if you are interested in attending the celebreation in 2011.  If you are interested, we ask that you let us know by replying to this e-mail complete with current personal information so we can keep our records straight.  If you are not interested in hearing more about GPK's 100th anniversary events, please reply to this e-mail with a simple "Not Interested" notatation in the subject line complete with your full name and e-mail address in the message and we will remove you from the list so you do not receive anymore of these e-mails.


Secondly, we have a list of names of people (see below) for whom we have little contact information and we would greatly appreciate it if you would review the list, then pass on this e-mail to those whom you keep in touch with asking them to respond to us one way or the other as noted above.

Hi Marty,

I published the names at the web space below.  If you wanted to remove the

list from your site and provide people with a link to mine that would be



As per the message that went out earlier today we would like your blog's

visitors to review the list and if they see the name of a person they still

chat with, we would like them to ask those people to go to , click on the Registration link and complete the

form if they are interested in possibly being a part of the celebrations

during the weekend of July 15, 2011.  If they don't want to register on the

site, then can send their information to me at  Of

course, if they aren't interested in the Centennial, they don't have to do



A little tidbit for those who want to quickly find a name on the list

without scrolling, all they have to do is hold down the CTRL key and hit the

F key and a Find dialogue should pop up.  Key all or part of a name in the

Find dialogue, then press Enter and the cursor should quickly move to the

first occurrence of the letter combination they keyed.


Thanks Marty, Appreciate your help with this - have a great weekend!


Joan (Highfield) Nykiforuk

Thanks Joan


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