Saturday, February 28, 2009

Items of Interest from GPK


Here are three other items of interest.

 1) a 1966 letter to Sammy Stone concerning the behavior of some of his hockey players loaned to me by Bob Greening.

 2) A photo of a St. Lambert Oldtimers hockey team that contained at least 4 Parkers. Let's see if anyone can identify them. Compliments of Bob Greening.

 3) A cropped photo of a man who developed many of Greenfield Park's finest hockey players. This is him in his younger days. Can anyone identify him?

 John R

Thanks John

 Hi Marty,

(1) I can identify three of the hockey players in John Riley's  photo submission : George Graham, Bruce Fields and Cliff Barfoot.

(2) It appears from the letter to the kindly old coach Sam Stone that he apparently had either lost control of the team or  he sent his enforcer(#12  no name) over the boards . I am also somewhat dismayed to note that my mild-mannered (LOL) buddy Red Drummond was also suspended for one game for threatening a referee.

I am sure that they both have explanations for their actions but the real disappointment was that the penalties were assessed by President Richard Tombs who had played on our championship team in the same league the year before. Where was that famous "Park" loyalty?


Thanks John

Hi Marston,

 Bruce Field is the goalie and George Graham with beard is front row right.  I think Bob Greening may have wanted George as he was a former Golden Gloves champ (amateur boxing).  George curls about once a month with a group put together by Peter Macaulay - Lillian Underhill's husband.


Linda Alex-LaR.

Thanks Linda


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