Monday, February 09, 2009

London Knights

Hi Marty............

Last Friday afternoon some of my family went to the John Labatt Centre (affectionately known as the J.L.C.) to watch and cheer on our grandson, Jared, whose hockey team was selected to play a full game on the big London rink in front of their friends and families - this was a big deal as you can imagine for these 7 and 8 year olds. Lee Salter, who plays for the London Knights Junior team was on the ice for the whole game passing the puck to whichever team happened to be losing at any given time!! 

A great time was had by all and as a point of interest Jared's team which is the traveling team for the town of Dorchester won the game 4 to 3 over the other team also from Dorchester which are 1-2 in the standings in the league they both play for!! Here is a photo of my granddaughter, Anna, who was doing her very best latest dance routine, trying her darndest to take our attention away from the hockey game!! Also a pic. of my youngest daughter, Laurie, who was busy snapping shots herself!!


It must have been very exciting for the little guys to be out there on the ice with their idols for the playing of our National Anthem at the start of the Junior game against the Windsor Spitfires!!


I was told that there was bad blood between these two teams and that turned out to be oh so true. There was a major scrap two seconds into the game at 19:58, then exactly two seconds later at 19:56 they were at it again!! Tensions are running high as these two teams are 1-2 in the Ontario Hockey League (O.H.L.) They had a full house, 9,200 fans.


I just had to take a photo of the Zamboni - Does anyone remember the movie  "PORKY'S"??


Notice the rafter banners showing past  London Knight's players - Here are just a few ...........Brandan Shanahan, Darryl Sittler, Brad Marsh, Rob Ramage, Dino Ciccarelli - These are just a few of the stars that played here in London. Rick Nash is in the N.H.L. presently and young John Travares will be up there very soon!!


We all had a great time..............Ticket prices are reasonable, but the price of beer is something else!! - Imagine that with the brewery just across the street!!



Thanks Win S.

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