Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Macaulay Street Gang

In response to blog entry of Feb. 14/08, did Elaine Cantley move to St. Lambert's Macaulay Street before November 1952?  I lived at 206 Macaulay from Nov. 52-May 56 (we rented from Frank and Clara Santo) and an Elaine Cantley lived across the street between First and Second (now Osborne & Prince Arthur) in a white bungalow with a red door. 

Directly across the street lived Joyce Austin mentioned in March 14/08 blog.  Carol (George Hollingdrake) and Ricky Culkin lived further down the block in a semi-detached brick cottage.  I always thought the actor Macaulay Culkin had to be related!


The top photo shows Joyce Austin and Carol Culkin in the back row.  Front row: Linda Alexander, Linda Santo, Vivian Hollingworth and Francine Doyle.  Of course you can pick out the two Catholic school girls. 

Second picture shows Rick Santo on his new bicycle -- he was a sponsor of the 2007 reunion in Greenfield Park.  The bottom picture is of Linda Santo and Linda Alexander.  See Victoria Bridge in background circa 1954 before there was a Betournay Street and the only two houses on Cleghorne were where the railway tracks crossed Sir Wilfrid Laurier Blvd. between Third and Victoria. 

The Southern Counties track crossed between Second and Third (now Queen).  These tracks crossed each other just beyond a white house on a small hill just behind Thomas Aquinas Church in St. Lambert for the Southern County line to Greenfield Park and Mackayville. 

When I attended Grade 3 & 4 at Victoria Park School, I remember going after school to Lynn Aherne's  in the white house.  She had a step-father and she showed me a closet in the hallway which she said was where she slept.  She wasn't in St. Lambert for long, but that house is still there. 

We also used to raft on the swamps to the east of the tracks before the Devonshire Gardens development.  And we would ice skate in the fields between Regent and Alexandra before Bedford Street went in.


Linda Alex-LaR.

Thanks Linda

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