Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Memories of Moving to GPK

Hi Marty

  If I  remember correctly we moved to Greenfield Park from Verdun in 1947 to 4 Hins Street at that time

 There was only five houses from Empire on the right was McCullough,s house then we had the empty

 Lot then our house then the Blakes house  facing them was Abe Homers  then Fred Nightingale then

 I think it was the grandmother Hollingdrakes at  the corner was the Vances house. I remember in

 Empty lot we used to play hockey, and on the side of our stairs we had  hoop to play basketball.

 Our street was a dead-end there was a field which we made a back stop to play baseball across from

 The field on Churchill was the big square building if I remember right upstairs on the left was the

 Berry family, also the McDonald family  downstairs on the left was a bicycle shop, Pops restaurant

 Which had the best fish&chips wrapped in newspaper.the building across  behind my house was  Leturneaus

 Upstairs Tom Newton lived  some of the boys who p[layed were  George Hollingdrake, Mel Stone,Dennis

 Hollingdrake  Kenny Berry  the McDonald boys I am not sure as my memory is starting to go but I think

 Harold&Cliff Walker also. Anyways that,s all for now as I type with only one & half fingers,

 Regards Red

 Red Drummond

Thanks Red

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