Monday, February 09, 2009

Names and Memories

Hi Marty,

(1) since there have been no guesses re George Vine's Military photo can you release the names?

(2)I remember going to see the Hollywood Daredevils at Kempton Park which was just down the road from "La Source" one of the local watering holes. For quite a while Des King and his country band was the live act from Thurs to Sunday every week. At one time the hotel had an amateur night

every Tues and a group of us Parkers would go to cheer on our entrant Elliott Norman-- Elliott could sing like the lead singer of the Platters (a very popular singing group at the time) but to be sure he won the competition we would bring our own cheering section.

He did win most weeks and lest it be thought that we were doing the cheering out of friendship alone the answer was no. First prize for the contest was a bottle of cheap champagne and $10.00.

When  Elliott won he would share the bottle of champagne with everyone at our table, spend  five of the ten dollars on beer for us and keep five dollars for himself. As an aside we also made extra money on Elliott by betting that he could drink a Quart of beer faster than anyone in the house.

He usually won those contests as well.

(3) In Red Drummond's photo from cub camp circa 1950-51 Ass't cub leader Jack Antle is standing in the back, in the middle row #'s 3 &4 are Red and Keith Antle respectively and my brother Jim is in the the middle of the front row.


Thanks John

Sorry John We don’t have the name of the Military Photo,,


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