Wednesday, February 04, 2009

News from the Prairies

50 years ago this month trivia


Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and Jake  Richardson " The Big Bopper"  die in Iowa when their plane crashed


The American consumer reports that it cost .57 cents for a 5 lbs bag of sugar


Hit parade include

Stagger Lee   by Lloyd Price

16 Candles     by the Crests

Donna             Richie Valens

Smoke gets in your eyes   Platters

All American boy                Bill Parsons


Warner Bros released " The Hanging Tree with  Gary Cooper


Anthony Quinn and Sophia Loren Star in "The Black Orchid"


TV featured

Dick Clarke                           Twilight Theatre               I love Lucy

Laurence Welk Show           Pursuit                              December Bride

Sammy Kaye's Music           The Millionaire                 Zane Grey Theatre

                                                I've got a secret              Play House 90

Future Tennis great John McEnroe is born


John Diefenbaker announces the scrapping of the $400. million CF 105 Avro Jet


Senator John F Kennedy states he is not presently a candidate for the presidential Nomination but Richard R Nixon is the favoured  expected to replace Dwight D Eisenhower


Number 1 Western song " Don't take your guns to town" by Johnny cash Other hits by Cash were I walk the Line, There you go, Ballad of a teen age Queen, and Guess things happen that way.


Average price of a house is $14,329.00


The # 1 rated TV show, two years in a row " Gunsmoke" Debuted in 1955 with James Arnes as Marshall Dillon, Amanda Blake as Miss Kitty and Denis Weaver as Chester


Hot point Electric stove with matching Refrigerator featured

Singing hit was Frankie Avonlee baked canary yellow enamel


Styles for teens, a westerner cotton jacket $ 5.95 and matching pants $ 4.95

Girls wore cardigan sweater over a white blouse, plaid skirts, white socks and saddle shoes

Hair was tied back with a white band


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