Monday, February 02, 2009

Old Pics and a Guess Who Pic???

GUESS WHO (the guy on the left)??

Hi Marty:


You’re doing a fine job! We really appreciate all the hard work and TIME it takes.


Well, now that we have buttered you up, could you please put on more? The top picture is Cup Camp approx. 1950-1951. The second one is Pendlbury resting on his piano and finally, the third is R-100 at St.Hubert circa 1935.


The second photo is Gale Taylor Evans and new husband Bruno Schwartz.


The third photos are of the Hines Street Gang, #4.  Back row left, Margo Drummond,  Loretta Blake, front row, left, Heath Nightingale, Robert Blake.  Bottom photo is Andrea Drummond, also at 4 Hines Street .


Can anyone guess who the tall, bald-headed guy is in the last photo is (the one wearing an apron) it was taken last week. Don’t tell anyone or wait a week to see if we get any hits?

 At your discretion.

 Thanks again, Marty

 Red Drummond


Thanks Red

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